A Celtic State of Mind – The Only Truth In Uruguay

Tom Campbell, a few weeks ago, wrote about the meeting of two proud men, Billy McNeill and Roberto Perfumo, after “The Battle of Montevideo“. This inspired Kevin Graham to write a bit of prose about this exchange and what both men were thinking at this time.

He walks towards me, tall, blond, blocking out the sun,
eyes gripping me as tight as I take his hand,
showing no emotion of defeat, disgrace or sadness,
Just trueness.

I take off the champion blue and white of Racing.
It wipes away the defeated tears I feel for him,
as I grip the jersey like his eyes grip me,
handing over the only truth in Uruguay.

I walk towards him, our shadows shorten in the sun,
my eyes look into his, filled with tears.
I grip his hand in respect to a champion,
with no disgrace or regret
Just trueness.

I tugged my jersey over my head, placing
the green and white hoops into his chest,
with a whispered good luck in the embrace.
I watch, as he rushes down the tunnel holding
the only truth in Uruguay.

Kevin Graham


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