Would you accept Brendan Rodgers back as Celtic manager?

Who would have predicted a week ago that we would not be immersed in the world-record treble celebrations, but instead discussing Brendan Rodgers as Ange Postecoglou’s replacement?

Yet, here we are…

Would you accept Brendan Rodgers back as Celtic manager?

Here are some of the ACSOM team with their thoughts:


“I wouldn’t have Rodgers back within 100 miles of Celtic Park after the way he left us first time around.

“He left us high and dry on the eve of a crucial away game at Tynecastle, a move that could easily have derailed the season had he got his way and moved the entire backroom team with him.

“There’s no trust when it comes to Rodgers that he wouldn’t do the same again at the first opportunity. He’s a snake-oil salesman.

“I’d rather have Lennon back than Rodgers; and I don’t want Lennon back either! Lennon answered an SoS and his crime was not leaving earlier when it was painfully obvious he was a cause of us not getting ‘The 10’.

“Rodgers crime of slipping out under the cover of darkness is far less forgivable.

“He might be a very good coach, but he’s not got the character I want in a Celtic manager.”


“Brendan was a top manager for us. That was one of the reasons it hurt so much when he left. I was angry at the way he handled his departure, but if he is given the job, I will support him like any other Celtic manager.”


“Brendan Rodgers brought a level of domination to domestic trophies that hadn’t been seen before.

“An Invincible season. 7 out of 7 trophies played for in his tenure and left his team in position to complete the treble treble and the foundation of the quadruple treble squad.

“He knows how to dominate Scottish football.

“Fergus McCann said money doesn’t guarantee success but no money guarantees no success.

“We are far and away the richest club in Scottish football. Ally that with a manager who built a team who made trebles seem normal and not the exceptional feats that they are, then you have almost guaranteed domination of the domestic scene.”


“Seeing Brendan Rodgers return would sting almost as much as losing Ange Postecoglou.

“It would confirm what I’ve always feared – that even my beloved Celtic can’t escape the vapid, soulless expanse modern football has become.

“Loyalty and basic decency have no place in the modern game. Perhaps it’s time I, and we as Celtic supporters, shed the naivety, nostalgia and sentiment that has too often dictated the way we think and act in relation to our club.

“As Paul John has said, we should use others as they use us. Welcome Brendan back, knowing he is looking out for himself – but getting everything out of him that we can whilst he does.”




“Brendan Rodgers is a top football coach. Football is a venal business. Get over it.

“After winning every available trophy at Celtic, Rodgers took over a declining Leicester City three years after their remarkable Premier League triumph.

“Despite year on year selling their best players and replacing with cheaper, he achieved 5th, 5th, 8th finishes narrowly missing out on the Champions League twice.

“That run of topflight finishes is Leicester City’s best run of first league outcomes in a row since between 1926-30.

“He won the club their first ever FA Cup and took them to their first ever European semi-final, losing to Jose Mourinho’s Roma.

“The season on season downsizing inevitable proved unsustainable and in his fourth full season the wheels came off and he left by mutual consent.

“His style of play is possession and pressure based and thus not a huge disparity to the current style of play.

“If Rodgers is selected from a list of globally sourced candidates curated using a mix of data, market intelligence, in depth interview and testimonials as being the best for the job, I’ll be totally sanguine.

“If, as seems likely, the recruitment process is no more than whom Dermot Desmond fancies then the custodians can get into the sea, preferably from a great height.

“It wouldn’t stop Rodgers being a top coach, of course!”

  1. Absolutely. Brendan Rogers
    Top 3, certainly 5 Managers in English Football
    Sure he left for Leicester before Season ended
    For that, Leicester gave us £9M…..and we still won the League
    Best day ever Brendan signed. Possibly worst day ever when he left
    Did he regret, or does he regret leaving Celtic
    I think you better believe he did…
    Life goes on
    Comeback Brendan. We need you. YOU need us
    Hail Hail

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