Why we shouldn’t be surprised that Rodgers will do things his way

Defeat in the Celtic world is always received badly.

It’s like putting water on a small electrical fire then watching it burn down the house. Celtic was a house fire yesterday and one that the insurance won’t pay out for as it was fully our own fault. We got lazy and disconnected the smoke alarms.

It wasn’t nice seeing Derek McInnes happy. It’s something that I don’t see very often so for that I can be thankful. The defeat has caused some bloggers to come out of their dens and angrily type some anti-Peter Lawwell tripe that they wouldn’t have dared to do if we had won the game. If you have something to say, say it no matter the results, don’t wait until you can drum up the views and say, “Look, I told you so”.

Quality signings required

This will be the week to go to town on Celtic’s signing policy so far this window. It will feel justified post-defeat but look foolish by previous proclamations that we have added to the squad. I don’t expect Celtic to make statement signings or break transfer records because: one – we have never done it; and, two – it is difficult to pull off in the league we play in.

I haven’t got high or low at the signings we have made because I don’t know anything about them and I know they are with us for a reason. If anyone expects the club to knee-jerk and sign an experienced player with no sell on value then more fool you.

The thing is if Celtic does it will be for the wrong reasons, a reactionary measure that shows they have doubt in the model that has brought them success over the last two seasons. If they bring in big-name loan signings then the rattle is definitely out the pram. Have we learned nothing from Aaron Ramsey?


The Rodgers transition

I was banging on about bringing in a manager that could continue the work Ange had done. My wishful thinking was that it would be a seamless transition. This just shows my lack of knowledge about football. Any manager has an ego and a belief that his word is the word of God and is correct. Not many would just leave in place the complete workings of the previous incumbent. That’s just admitting that the last man was better. Every manager will come in and change things.

And that is where we are and it’s not finished yet and it might not be finished in a few weeks’ time. The new signings should now be realising that it’s not easy playing for Celtic. That to succeed you need to have something else other than ability and that’s the way it should be. If it’s easy playing for Celtic then there is something wrong. These lads need to be looking in the mirror, asking if they are up for this. We weren’t on Sunday.

In a strange way, Sunday’s result takes the treble pressure off Brendan. The domestic domination chat has been binned before the end of August and proves last season is over and what you done previously now means nothing.

It also means what Brendan did before means nothing. He is now starting again and can go full Brendan and make the changes he wants without anyone casting up last season. He knew the details of the gig when he took it. Nothing should come as a surprise.

He says his strength is in developing players and making them better. Well, time to start.

It was almost laughable how bad we were against Kilmarnock and it’s my aim this season to write a poem about every game I see and how it makes me feel.

Yesterday’s offering was this small slice of rhyme:

Kilmarnock 1 Celtic 0 (Out the League Cup)

I suppose we have won seven out of nine
So, we need to stay positive,
And be glad that we didn’t go to extra-time
‘Cause I couldn’t watch any more of that rubbish.


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  1. The reality is that you can’t expect a new manager to come in and play the same system as a previous one. Ange left, it means the style leaves to, that’s just a fact. It means we need to change and there’s no better manager for this than Brendan. He is a proven winner. The problems we have are not of his making, in fact, many of these problems were inherited from Ange i.e. issues and stark differences in quality between our full backs – and back-ups – and CHs.

    Angeball did not work in Europe, despite some good stats re chances created in games and possession at points – we failed. Anyone is deluded if they think Angeball would have worked again in CL. We would have – again – been brutally exposed – particularly down the flanks -due to IFB system. Ange would not have changed. You need a high level calibre player to perfect that system and we would never have been able to compete playing the same way as last year.

    So, for Europe, it’s absolutely required that there is a shift. Brendan, with a mountain of injuries and key players leaving, is trying to shift this to a system more suitable for Europe. a game based on possession, control and game management. And he deserves our backing and time as he tries to do so because there’s no other manager I would want than him in this situation. He needs the players to perfect this system and he’s not got that yet. He can only be judged when he has the players he needs and gets.

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