Who Would You Sign FROM Celtic: Twitter Poll

Following on from the “Who is Celtic’s Most Naturally Talented Player?” question.  The second of John Hughes’ Twitter polls to be discussed on last Wednesday’s show was “If you were an opposition manager and you have the choice of one Celtic player, who would you take?”

The short-list for this question was; Kyogo, Callum McGregor, Carter-Vickers, and Hatate.

It’s a great question and one that gets you thinking about the importance of the players on the four-man short-list.  It’s as much about how their absence could impact us as it is about how good they could fit in to another side.

As the short-listed players all bring different qualities that could fit different teams, the assumption is that ‘your team’ here is of a “standard quality with no great weaknesses anywhere”.

Patrick, Paddy, and John Paul were all tasked with deciding who they would take if they were an opposition manager.

Patrick McGilp

It really does depend on what your team’s lacking because I think if you’re a team battling relegation you’ve got with Carter-Vickers.  If you’re a team that’s struggling to score goals but you’re creating a decent amount of chances then you go for Kyogo.

if you’re a team with really poor midfield options you could go for either of McGregor or Hatate.

I’m going to go for Carter-Vickers.  I’ve never known a Celtic centre back to be as good, as consistent, as reliable as CCV.  For me, he’s even better than Virgil Van Dijk was when he was at Celtic; obviously we know the player he’s become but he did make some daft mistakes at Celtic.

Carter-Vickers is more solid, consistent, and dependable.

Paddy Sinat

I’m going to go with Hatate again, for the same reasons I gave on the most naturally talented question.

He’s an all-rounder and a great player. He’s only 25 so you would get a good few years out of him.

It does depend on what you’re looking for though. If you’re looking if you’re an attacking side, you would take Kyogo for his finishing. If you need something to help keep you up you would take CCV to shore up the defence.

But as an all-rounder Hatate is just phenomenal.

Paul John Dykes

CCV is massive if you ask me and there’s so many reasons secondary reasons why I would choose him.

I think he’s one of the main reasons why our inverted fullbacks are able to flourish, because he just keeps everything solid at the back.  Starfelt’s got all the defensive qualities but Carter-Vickers beside him has made them even more solid.

So, I’m going to go for CCV

Kevin McCluskie

It’s a really tough question to answer, but I’m going for Callum McGregor for his leadership skills, his composure and fearlessness on the ball, and his drive and determination never to be beaten.

I was a sceptic about his appointment as Captain, as I didn’t that see that side in his game but have been happily eating large helpings of humble pie ever since.

If I wanted to weaken Celtic…. I’d go with CCV because he is a colossus at the back and a player we miss badly whenever he is out.

Kyogo is a great player but only fits certain systems that most teams don’t play, so is not a natural signing target, and if it’s a choice between Reo and Callum, I’d pick Callum McGregor every time.

Results of the Vote

Kyogo 8%

CCV 28%

McGregor 32%

Hatate 32%

Let us know if you agree with our selections – and let’s all be grateful that we’ll never be in the position where we’re signing one of Celtic’s top players for A.N. Other FC.



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