Three avoidable errors that cost Celtic the Glasgow Derby

Looking back at the goals conceded yesterday it is clear that there is a consistent theme with all three of them; they are self-inflicted and come from avoidable errors.

We take a look back at the goals and the errors that cost Celtic so dearly in the latest derby fixture.

Goal 1 – Cantwell

Yuki Kobayashi had a difficult game last week at Tynecastle and he did himself no favours yesterday with his role in the opening two goals of the game.

Rangers started the game at break-neck speed, showing their intent by taking the game to Celtic from the off.  The Hoops were caught cold and none more so than Kobayashi whose slackness gifted Rangers a 5th-minute opener.  However, the defender was not the only one at fault for the game’s opening goal.

Neither Jota nor Matt O’Riley was quick enough to close down John Lundstram when the midfielder received a cut back from Sakala around 25 yards out from the goal.  Jota and O’Riley’s failure to quickly close down the space allowed Lundstram time to control and get his shot away uncontested.

Lundstram receiving with time and space to line up the shot with Jota and O’Riley both slow to close the space.

Question marks could be raised over whether Joe Hart could have done better with his initial save and pushed the ball out wide, however, it did appear that the keeper’s view was obscured by those in front of him.

Regardless of whether Hart could have done better, it is Kobayashi’s poor positioning and slow reactions that gift the rebound to Cantwell.

Unlike the rest of the defence, Kobayashi did not react to Sakala’s cut back and remained in a deep position inside the box, a good yard or two behind the rest of the Celtic defence, playing Cantwell onside as Lundstram shoots.

The defender, despite having eyes on Cantwell then pauses to look over his wrong shoulder to see Hart palm the ball out, giving Cantwell the advantage to pounce a strike home.

Kobayashi turning the wrong way to view Hart’s save, allowing Cantwell the chance to pounce on the rebound

An avoidable goal if Lundstram is closed down quicker, Kobayashi steps out with the rest of the defence, or turns round to his left – where Cantwell is standing – when reacting to Hart’s save.  Basic and poor errors.

Goal 2 – Souttar

Again, it is Kobayashi who is largely at fault for this goal as he allows Souttar to out-muscle him and get a free header from Tavernier’s corner.

Both players are grappling with each other as the corner comes in, but it is Souttar who shows the determination to get to the ball first.  Kobayashi makes a very basic error as he stops moving towards the ball as the cross comes in which allows Souttar a free header.

Kobayashi out-muscled allowing Souttar to get in front and win the free header.

Where a player like Starfelt, who was picking up Goldson, or Carter-Vickers would put their body on the line to attack the cross, Kobayashi did not show the same bravery.  The outcome was sadly predictable.

Goal 3 – Sakala

This one is a calamity, plain and simple.

Celtic were in possession of the ball at the halfway line with Callum McGregor playing it out to Hatate.  The Japanese returned the pass to McGregor to keep possession, however, the captain let the ball roll past him before stuttering, expecting Carl Starfelt to step in and clear.

Not expecting to be the recipient of the pass, Starfelt was on the back foot which allowed Cantwell to slide in and challenge the hesitant Celtic players for the loose ball.  The ball bounced away off Starfelt and into the path of Sakala who went through one-on-one with Hart to score.

For the third time, Celtic were the creators of their own downfall.  If Callum McGregor does not take his eye off the ball and receives the return pass from Hatate, the third goal doesn’t happen – at least not at that moment.

It was an uncharacteristic lapse from McGregor but one that summed up Celtic’s entire performance.  The team collectively took their eye off the ball, were slack and hesitant, and paid the price.

Three avoidable errors, three goals conceded, and three points lost.

Kevin McCluskie

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