Pre-Match with A Celtic State of Mind – McDiarmid, Here We Come

After Thursday night, it felt like a few lines from The Smiths’ ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’ had summed up the period between 81 and 85 minutes:

And in the darkened underpass,
I thought, ‘Oh God, my chance has come at last’.
(But then a strange fear gripped me and I just couldn’t ask).”

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In the talk afterwards, with the focus firmly on the first goal, we forgot that the opening goal didn’t put us out. The second did. The second caused by us losing our heads in the moment and the roar and the emotion of getting ourselves back in the game, with the dream of getting a winner. The will to get a winner.

That will to win cost us the game. Hindsight shouts that we should have been pragmatic, but I would rather dare to dream.

It’s that same will that has seen us be so successful this season. That has witnessed us coming back from defeats and setbacks. It’s in our DNA and sometimes daring to dream doesn’t reflect reality, but it if we don’t dream we will end up like right-wing Morrissey – Bitterly misguided and not in love with the world.

We need to show we are in love with the team in testing conditions tomorrow. We can’t let them wallow and they might. It could be tough for them. This part of the season is more mental than physical. We are playing against a team that has no pressure on them. All the pressure is on us. The fans can help that not feel like a burden.

We can make the players dream again and they can make us dream again.

Kevin Graham

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