Paul Gallagher with A Celtic State of Mind: Liam, Noel, Celtic & Man City

Kevin Graham

Football fans were demonised by Margaret Thatcher during the 1980s. This and hooliganism meant that not many in the music industry admitted to liking the game. Apart from Elton John.

Two awakenings, both widely credited with changing the public’s perception of the once beautiful game, were Italia ‘90 and England’s 1990 World Cup song, World in Motion, penned by New Order with Keith Allen.

I don’t really buy that. The bands in my world during this period were all working-class lads. Music and football were their interests and they weren’t shy talking about either. It was their life and both of these past-times reflected that existence. Artists talking about football and appearing in football publications wasn’t because it was cool; it was because it was part of them.

When Oasis arrived, they never hid their love of football. The video for Shakermaker saw them playing with a ball, and an early NME cover featured Liam and Noel in Man City kits. Like most Manchester creatives the Gallaghers are from an Irish background and have more than a passing interest in Celtic.

We are used to celebrities using Celtic for shameless self-promotion, especially in the recently successful past, but Liam and Noel both seemed a bit more clued up than them. Obviously trying to wade through publicists, record companies and media departments meant that talking to Liam or Noel about their Celtic State Of Mind is about as close as an Oasis reunion.

But we have interviewed Paul Gallagher. Away back when a kitchen in Dunfermline was home. Paul is the oldest Gallagher sibling and free from the shackles of saying something that would affect record sales, so was open, honest and knowledgable about the families’ love affair with Celtic.

On being introduced to Celtic he said:

“They showed the odd highlight game, in black and white. You kinda affiliate yourself to Celtic back then. It was like another 15 years before I saw them in the flesh, 88/89 season, players like Darius Dziekanowski from Poland, Peter Grant, Paul Elliot, Paul McStay, Packie Bonner, you know, just players like that, just class players. Wasn’t a mega Celtic team back then but you just know. It’s in you anit? It’s in your heart and in your soul.”

Paul Gallagher will be back with ACSOM this season to give us his thoughts on the treble treble-winners. In the meantime, you can listen to Paul’s ACSOM debut from 95 minutes onwards below:

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