Jota on the Wing: Pre Match Press Conference

Jota had the pre-match press conference duties today taking centre stage before Ange Postecoglou and spoke with the same calmness and precision that we have become accustomed to seeing him displaying on the wings.

The Portuguese winger reiterated the one-game-at-a-time mantra and focus on winning the next game approach that has lifted Celtic 9 points clear at the top of the table.

“We look forward to this game like we look forward to the other games. This should be another one for us to go and compete and be the best version that we can be.”

“We mainly focus on the next game and the next game will be against Hibs.  Of course we know what our goals and what our objectives are for this season but we’re not there yet, so we still need to keep on winning games and keep on developing so that’s what we want to do”

His answers when pressed further on how the players maintain focus and motivation domestically gave a fascinating insight into the mindset of the squad and the single-minded desire to improve and succeed that is clearly flourishing.

“It’s the way we work every day because we can see these little details every day that we can get better and we know that we won’t achieve bigger things if we don’t achieve these little details first. There’s no point on us looking forward because it’s not going to come if we don’t first establish ourselves and just develop these little things as a team and as individuals. I think we were taught very well from the staff because since day one they always said to us, guys this is a process we will need time for this but once everything is settled then we will just fly in I think we are in a very good moment right now”

While the desire to improve and become the best player possible is a recurring theme across the player press conferences, not every player has their own song.  Even from those that do, even less have seen their terrace chant turned into a song played on the radio; Jota is one of that select band and, as expected, he is very appreciative of the honour.

“Shout out to the people who did that it, they are really talented. I’m just grateful to hear that and I just hope that people can have like a good time hearing the song”

“I think that says a lot about what Celtic is (that players are given their own song from the fans) and once you get that feeling everything just feels amazing.”

With the international break coming up after Saturday’s game, Jota was also asked about his own ambitions to play for the Portuguese national team. His answer again was measured and well thought out, just like one of his through passes.

“It’s obviously a dream of mine to be part of the Portugal Squad but I also understand that the quality of the Portuguese team is tremendous. That just gives me a lot of joy to be honest because I’m fortunate to be part of a country who produces amazing talents every year and to see very close friends of mine break through.”

“Once it comes to my time or doesn’t come to my time I’ll be just fine and in peace with that.  I know what my goals are and if that happens I’ll be happy, if that doesn’t I won’t be losing sleep for that”

Not only is Jota a wonderful winger, he is also a truly engaging and interesting character.

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