Declan McConville with A Celtic State of Mind – That Man Craig: John Cairney on Jim Craig

The backdrop of Lisbon Lion Jim Craig’s nickname was set in a secondary school in the fictional Scottish town of Strathaird in the TV series ‘That Man Craig.’
Much loved Scottish actor, John Cairney played the lead role as the schoolmaster, Ian Craig. At the time, Jim’s Celtic team-mates decided to switch the surnames over and the nickname of ‘Cairney’ has stuck with him ever since.

After Jim’s recent accolade of being named as a Club Ambassador, I got in touch with John Cairney, who still remains a close friend of the Celtic legend to this day.
John Cairney described Jim as, “A most amenable person, who gives out easily to life and has made a wonderful investment in it.” I don’t think John could have summed up his dear friend any better. He is a gentleman who will always make time for you and be happy to chat away.
Both men, alongside Willie Wallace and Billy McNeill, also appeared on the BBC programme ‘Quizball’, and were happily a successful team. John added that “His general knowledge is as wide as his football knowledge,” which anyone who has had a conversation with the Lisbon Lion would testify.
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