Celtic release instant classic, but why won’t we wear it?

Celtic today launched a limited-edition jersey to mark 120 years of the world-famous green and white hoops. The club described it as:

“A celebration of the iconic green and white hoops synonymous with Celtic Football Club for 120 years…”

As many of you will know, I am a lover of Celtic shirts. When it comes to the hoops, the simpler the better as far as I’m concerned.

This season’s home top is everything I dislike in a Celtic jersey. This latest one, on the other hand, is simplistic genius.

Isn’t it a shame, then, that we’ll never actually wear what the club calls “the perfect hoops” during a game?

“There is a bond between the Celtic players and supporters,” explained Celtic’s press release. “And the strongest link in that bond is the shirt they both wear on their backs.

“Instantly recognised by football fans around the world, Glasgow’s green and white hoops are an iconic symbol of the Celts and one of the most recognisable jerseys in sport.

“From the day the hoops were introduced on August 15, 1903, there have been many incredible moments experienced and memories made in the hoops, including that unforgettable image of our greatest ever captain, Billy McNeill, lifting the European Cup in 1967 wearing the green and white.”

A sign of the times

Imagine the eleven players running on to the field this Sunday, resplendent in that instant classic? Better still would be the appearance of oversized green numbers on their shorts. My mind’s wandering; I’m a traditionalist when it comes to such matters.

I’m also a realist. I understand how the relationship between Celtic and Adidas works. The hoops and the three stripes were always going to be a match made in heaven. That’s why we are being presented with so many ranges from this pair of titanic brands. Everything they throw their collective weight behind is flying off the shelves.

Have we all to accept that Celtic will release four kits every season from now on? That at least one of these strips will never be worn? On top of that, we’ll release three keeper kits, as well as various other training and leisure ranges throughout the season?

The origins kit

Last season’s ‘origins kit’ was another instant classic, celebrating the club’s proud Irish roots.

The emerald green shirt was released in Celtic’s 135th year and featured colours on the collar and sleeves that are synonymous with Celtic and Ireland.

Despite the club urging fans to join them in “celebrating the club’s origins this St Patrick’s Day by proudly wearing the famous colours of Celtic Football Club,” the kit was never worn during that St Patrick’s weekend. Alas, it was never worn at all.

This was despite there being a perfect opportunity to afford it a debut the day after St Patrick’s Day when Celtic faced Hibernian at home 70 years after the two clubs competed for the Coronation Cup. There were strong rumours that it would be on show that day, but for some reason that never happened.

It makes me wonder whether a request to the Scottish football authorities was made by the club to celebrate our proud Irish heritage by wearing this ‘origins’ kit on 18 March 2023? If an application was made, what reason could possibly be provided for refusing such a celebration of the club’s Irish roots?

It seems that we won’t even attempt to register this newest version of the hoops, which is only available in adult sizes, priced £70, and available to pre-order now at Celtic’s official website.


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