A Celtic State Of Mind – Tribute to Billy McNeill

Hail Caesar

Your iconic pose is head-turning as you drive past.
You stand, welcoming all, forever young.
A reminder to the most important moment in the club’s history.
A tribute in bronze and glory.

It’s not how I remember you.

Crouched down in 80’s dug outs,
barking instructions at your players.
Running and dancing on the Hampden turf,
in your cup final suit,
celebrating improbable wins.

A link between the fairytale and the changing present.
Stories passed down weren’t myth as you were part of those.
A towering presence of a king, a leader getting extra from your charges during our birthday year.
An old school fighter facing a modern foe.

We came to celebrate with you.
In our thousands,
we spilled onto the red ash and into seldom used terrace in the early summer sun.
The only cross to bear was proudly on our kits.

This is my Caesar.

Words by Kevin Graham

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