Ange’s Celtic make history with 8th domestic treble

It feels like it has almost gone unnoticed with the chatter around Ange Postecoglou’s future as Celtic manager taking centre stage, however, Celtic created history yesterday by becoming the first side in the world to win 8 domestic trebles.  A feat that should be celebrated and shouted from the rafters.

While the future of Big Ange will no doubt return to dominate the headlines and podcast straplines in the coming week(s), today should be all about basking in the glow of another domestic treble-winning season.  Our 5th in 7 seasons, and one that no one realistically expected when Ange walked in through the doors of Celtic Park two summers ago.

Appointment and rebuild

The size of the rebuild that Ange faced was monumental.  The club was on its knees after blowing a shot at immortally and 10-in-a-row.  It had become the be-all and end-all for the club and had enveloped Celtic’s ambitions for a decade.  Losing the title in the manner in which we did, the ensuing exodus of talent from the club, and the highly publicised courting of Eddie Howe before he turned us down had left Celtic a laughing stock.  From a position of great strength, we had self-engineered our own downfall.

Ange was appointed as an afterthought.  Perhaps the club deserves more credit for his appointment, but the feeling at the time was that we stumbled onto him in desperation as we had placed all our eggs in Eddie Howe’s basked before he ran off with them.

From day one, it was clear that Ange understood the enormity of the task in front of him, the size of the club he was walking into, and the weight of expectation on his shoulders.  We’ve now come to learn that these are the motivations that drive Ange on to succeed.

As a fanbase, we embraced Ange wholeheartedly and gave him the support he needed.  In return, Ange connected with the ethos of Celtic in a way that no other manager with no previous connection to Celtic has.  He ‘got it’ and showed a Celtic State of Mind in the way he spoke about the sacrifices the fans make to follow the club week in, week out.

Exceeding expectations

Speaking on yesterday’s post-match show, I said that my demand from Ange was to win two trophies in his first two seasons; the league both times.  Anything else, for me at least, would be a bonus.  That we can sit here now and reflect back on winning 5 out of 6 trophies was not a thought I would have allowed myself to believe in the summer of 2021.

A natural by-product of this success is that others will sit up and take notice.  It should come as no surprise that a club like Spurs would be interested in Ange.  However, despite the rumours and speculation over the past week, there has been very little concrete evidence to suggest that Ange is candidate number 1 to take over the White Heart Lane hot seat.

This is not meant as a head-in-the-sand view.  There’s enough smoke to suggest he is definitely on the wanted list and, if offered, it is an opportunity I would expect him to give serious consideration.  It is still by no means a certainty that he would take the job and work under Daniel Levy’s authoritarian regime.

Only time will tell on Ange’s future.  Yesterday may very well prove to be his last dance as Celtic manager.  It would be a fitting way to go out, having completed Scottish football within two years of being branded a joke of an appointment in certain sections of the media.  However, for today, let’s focus on the positive and celebrate our record-breaking club.

Kevin McCluskie

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