ACSOM’s Mixtape Social Club # 2 – Andrew Rafferty’s Thursday Night Playlist

A Celtic State of Mind’s team of contributors love their music, and it is with this in mind that we will put together regular Mixtape Social Club playlists. Tonight’s mixtape has been compiled by Andrew Rafferty and includes some of his favourite tunes from the ACSOM stereo.

It’s a simple concept – like mixtapes always were – and you might hear something long forgotten or brand new to your ears. As we all take in a Thursday night in isolation, enjoy ACSOM’s latest mixtape:

1.) IST IST – A New Love Song

2.) PRIMO! – Machine

3.) Ace City Racers – Waiting

4.) The Imbeciles – ‘D.I.E.’

5.) Doves – Firesuite

6.) Basia Bulat – Your Girl

7.) Bethlehem Casuals – The Drink

8.) David Keenan – Evidence of Living

9.) Damien Jurardo – Lincoln

10.) The Peach Fuzz – Softie

11.) Thumper – Ad Nauseum

12.) The Twang – Lovin State

13.) Supergrass – Richard III

14.) Kevin P. Gilday & The Glasgow Cross – A Sensitive Man

Listen to this playlist on SPOTIFY.

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