A Celtic State of Mind – Rare match-worn Celtic jersey stolen from Manchester’s National Football Museum

Paul Lamb is someone I’ve got to know through the Celtic-related work I do. When I embarked on my current book project over four years ago, a group of Celtic matchworn jersey collectors came to my rescue by offering up their prized possessions for inclusion in the long-awaited Celtic Jersey chronicle. Without Paul and his small band of fellow dedicated collectors, there would be no book.

Paul has attended numerous photo-shoots, armed with stunning Celtic jerseys dating as far back as 1970. On more than one occasion, he has also brought along his mannequin when I have struggled to source one for the shoot. He has never refused to offer assistance, even though the project has been insanely delayed by reshoots. Whenever I have put out the call, Paul has been there like clockwork.

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It naturally saddened me, therefore, to hear this week that one of Paul’s rare jerseys has been stolen from Manchester’s National Football Museum.

Paul had loaned his controversial matchworn Celtic away shirt from the 1991/92 season to the museum so that fellow collectors and football fans alike could enjoy what has become a cult Celtic jersey. He would have been dismayed at the theft because I know it took him years to track down this particular shirt.

The museum have reported the theft to Greater Manchester Police, and we are hopeful that someone from the world of matchworn jersey collectors is offered this top and knows of its origins.

Please share this story far and wide on social media and contact GMP should you hear any information relating to the whereabouts of Paul’s Celtic jersey.

Paul John Dykes

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