A Celtic State of Mind – Lisbon

For Stevie Chalmers.

The man who scored the most important and beautiful goal in the history of our great club. 


The clock turns from 66 to 67
A song stirs into life and the lights shine
The spirit of the tunnel is called
That symphony wasn’t going to be left
Unfinished or bittersweet

The final chapter was to be written
In a place that was no longer just a name on a map
Zurich, Nantes, Novi Sad, Prague and Lisbon
Became arteries in the club’s heart
The golden sun at the start of our day
The most important growth ring in our tree

Out of the tunnel to become heroes
Playing: pure, beautiful, inventive football
Creating a legacy so real that it is all around
Wearing Hoops, the famous green and white
A Celtic created on that final whistle

A fairytale, spoken in the present, celebrated in bronze
As solid as Brother Walfrid’s foundation
Two breaths, more important
Than our next win, loss or draw

The heat of Lisbon pumps the blood of the club
Today, tomorrow and forever


Kevin Graham


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