Why the allure of managing Celtic is at an all-time high

As the race for a new manager gathers pace, it’s important to remember that the allure of managing Celtic is something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Talking on Tuesday’s ACSOM Bulletin, Paul John Dykes highlighted why the Celtic job is such an attractive proposition.

PJ said: “I think that we’re in a very, very good place. Money in the bank… there’s going to be a decent enough budget. You’ve got Champions League football and we’re currently dominating (domestically).”

As champions of Scotland once again, we are guaranteed Champions League Group Stage football in 2023/24.

Managers dream of operating in the top competitions and you don’t get much bigger than the European football’s premiere tournament. After our disappointing exit from the Champions League this season it will be intriguing to see who comes in and where they can take us.


Talking on the ACSOM Bulletin, Liam Carrigan said: “Ultimately every manager in Europe, and most beyond Europe, the peak of their ambition is either to manage their country or to manage a team in one of the big five leagues in Europe – Spain, France, Germany, Italy and England.

“So Celtic’s pitch, if I was trying to bring in a new manager, I would say, ‘Get us into the last 16 of the Champions League, you will get a job in one of those leagues in a couple of years guaranteed’. But you can also say in the meantime, we can offer you a seven-figure salary. We can offer you probably an eight-figure player budget and we can offer you a squad that is far and away the best in its domestic league, so you’re set up for consistent Champions League qualification and all you have to do is maintain the current level. That’s before you even bring in any of your own ideas and your own players.”

When it comes to recruitment budgets, we are in an extremely healthy position financially. The back-to-back league titles have rewarded us with consecutive Champions League Group Stage participation and the prize-money riches that those runs bring.

In February 2023, Peter Lawwell’s first address as chairman shed some light on the club’s financial situation from the first half of the season.

In the statement on the club’s official website, Lawwell wrote: “The results for the six months ended 31 December 2022 show revenues of £76.5m (2021: £52.9m) and a profit before taxation of £33.9m (2021: profit before tax of £27.6m). 

“The profit from trading, representing the profit excluding player related gains and charges, amounted to £28.1m (2021: profit of £7.0m).”

The club currently sit in a very healthy position, and with Tottenham due to pay £5m compensation for Ange, that’s even more money coming our way.

Our squad is rich with valuable assets, and there are also a number of ex-players with sell-on clauses that could net our club a small fortune.




As Paul John kept the positivity flowing on Tuesday’s show, he also discussed the possible gateway that Celtic can now provide for managers and players alike.

Paul John said: “Look at the gateway to the ‘biggest’ league in the world.

“That’s something we can use, obviously with the example of Brendan Rodgers, (and) with the example of Ange. 

“I’d rather not have to use it… but it’s there, it’s in black and white.”

When you see that two of our last three managers have moved down south to Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur, nobody can deny that the English Premier League is looking at us and keeping an eye on our managers when successful.

Whoever comes in and takes charge at our club, they really are set up to succeed. There’s money in the bank, assets on the pitch, guaranteed Champions League football next season, and a gateway to the EPL should this be the incoming gaffer’s ultimate aim.

Could it be said that the attraction of the Celtic job is at an all-time high? Let’s hope we choose a candidate who matches the stature of this much sought-after position.


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