The 500 Club with A Celtic State of Mind – Kevin Graham’s poetic tribute to the skipper – ‘Broony’

Standing arms outstretched  
with no need to grandstand
the exuberant fans
dancing onto the pitch
our own Christ the Redeemer
with a glacial stare
shaven hair
the knowing know
of leading by example and  
that talk is cheap
a magnet of attention
the compass point of chaos  
he allows success to happen
as he lives rent-free
in those heads who don’t believe
consumed with their own jealousy
of the honours that reach
from fingertip to fingertip
the respect of his team-mates
is just as wide
they call him captain
managers call him “Browny”
we call him ”Broony”
when they huddle to listen  
to crystal clear vowels
adrenaline-filled consonants
that becomes the motivation
of teamwork
of Celtic
of winning
that he has their back  
whether driving forward or
breaking up attacks
he is there  
now standing statuesque
chiselled from Fife coal
after scoring the last-minute goal
that won the league at Rugby Park  
and the fans sing
“Broony, Broony, Broony.”

Kevin Graham

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