The 500 Club with A Celtic State of Mind – Kevin Graham’s poetic tribute to an iconic #1 – ‘Big Packie’

We stumble and cut through the red light smoke,
celebrating on Amsterdam’s cobbles,
the air horns blare now as distant,
as the thought of European Cup defeat.
We dance a jig to Charlie and George,
praise the pinstriped Bhoys,
raise a toast to the velvet smooth brogue
that’s the last line of defence.
A gentle laid back giant,
in shiny yellow,
lanky legs exposed,  
alert as a hawk under a post-punk mop.
The Undertones have lost a member,
next door has lost a boy,
but we have found a goalie.
With hands as tough as Donegal’s cliffs,
beating away Cruyff free-kicks,
like they repel the Atlantic’s might.
He saves our dreams,
grows tall with the pride our identity brings,
catching our founder’s soul,
like a cross hanging high in the sky,
making sure it will never be dropped
or forgotten

with Big Packie in the goal.

Kevin Graham

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