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Ex-Celt Named as Top Youth Talent

Online football magazine Goal released its annual NXGN List of the 50 best youth talents in world football today with one name in particular standing out to readers with a Celtic of a State Mind. The player in question being former Celtic starlet Ben Doak.  The winger,

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Soulbhoy with A Celtic State of Mind – How do others now see us?

We often debate about the standard of Scottish football compared to yesteryear and we often compare it to the English Premiership. We often take a verbal kicking from folk down south about football up here and whether we are a big club etc. Does it really matter?

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One from the ACSOM Archive: David Sleight – Celtic and Liverpool… A Tale of Two Cities

This article originally appeared as part of THE PENALTY SPOT BLOG series on 22 July 2019. “There is a finite amount of space in this boy’s head and too much of it is currently devoted to football.”  So read one of my school reports the thick end

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