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Kevin Graham with A Celtic State of Mind – Pat Bonner’s Testimonial: A Gerry Creaney hat-trick, Liam Brady cameo, and Billy McNeill & Jack Charlton in the dug-outs

A recent episode of the Strip Down Memory Lane podcast featured a match-worn jersey that was used in the Pat Bonner Testimonial. The game was between Celtic and a Republic of Ireland select and was played at Celtic Park on the 12 May 1991. The kit in

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“I have the utmost admiration for Big Billy… He had been a colossus of a centre-back… A marvellous man!” – Paul Elliott on Billy McNeill

In this ACSOM podcast with Paul John Dykes the former Celtic centre-half Paul Elliott comes across as a very positive character (despite suffering vicious racial abuse throughout his football career in England, Italy and Scotland). He was unstinting in his praise for Celtic supporters, midfielder Paul McStay

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“I loved Big Billy; he was a great inspiration to me.” – Paul Elliott with A Celtic State of Mind

“It means so much to me, the Celtic people mean so much to me, but if I’m honest with you, not just Celtic supporters but the quality of their human race – their honour, their love, their generosity, their compassion, their empathy. These are great human qualities

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“It was brilliant, especially as a winger, being coached by Jimmy Johnstone and Davie Provan.” – David Elliot with A Celtic State of Mind

  “You’ve gone from the under 14s, 15s, 16s, then to the Celtic youth team at 17 and 18, we played in the youth league. By that time you’re coached by Davie Provan, Jimmy Johnstone and Bobby Murdoch! Bobby didn’t get involved in the games much but

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Eddy Grady with A Celtic State of Mind – Lisbon, 25 May 1967: The greatest trophy presentation…

If ever there was an image to represent the greatest trophy presentation of UEFA’s most prestigious club competition, Billy McNeill at the Estadio Nacional will always come to mind. Similarly, we could arrive at the same conclusion when asking fellow Celts to advise of the first image

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Tom Campbell with A Celtic State of Mind – Those legends I have met: Jimmy Quinn, Willie Fernie, Bobby Evans, Billy McNeill…

RAINCOATS, JACKETS, SHIRT-SLEEVES AND NUDITY I have written several books about Celtic, and I always opted to have the illustrations in them show Celtic men in action (and wearing the hoops, of course). In my opinion, I rarely think of our heroes in street clothes, no matter

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Declan McConville with A Celtic State of Mind – When Cesar ruled Europe

Everyone remembers Billy holding up the European Cup in Lisbon. What a magnificent sight that was. As Celtic’s greatest ever captain, he led the team out during the club’s golden years, not just in Scotland but on the European stage. Proudly leading the Celts out in the

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Colin Watt with A Celtic State of Mind – Billy McNeill’s second spell will always be special

Billy McNeill – The Difficult Second Album There’s a saying in football: “Once you leave a club, you’ll never be the same if you go back.” Over the years, there are plenty of examples of this from managers and players alike. Players like Robbie Fowler at Liverpool,

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