Pre-match with A Celtic State of Mind – Lenny looking to extinguish the ghosts of Broadwood past

ANDREW RAFFERTY provides ACSOM’s match preview:

Formed in 1877, Clyde are one of the oldest and, perhaps, most romantic teams in Scottish football.

Clyde’s history is intertwined with that of Celtic, with both teams having strong links to the Barrowfield area of Glasgow and for decades were near neighbours. The Bully Wee were based a mere 30-minute walk from Celtic Park at Shawfield for decades, before they were forced to move ground in the mid-90s and ended up with the less-than-romantic stadium of Broadwood. A stadium which surely fits the town which surrounds it. What’s it called again?

It’s been a while since the teams met. Some of the best results for our opponents today came during their most successful period in the 50s and 60s, when Clyde secured two of their three Scottish Cups (’55 and ‘58) and their highest ever league finish (’67). The score which stands out in all our minds, however, was the 2-1 defeat in the Scottish Cup in 2006.

I had to check the date to make sure I had it right: it’s burned on my brain as if it were yesterday.

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The first question about today is: can lightning strike twice? The answer is “unlikely,” but high wind and heavy rain will play their part on an atrocious day.

Celtic have been clicking through the gears since the winter break. Lennon seems to have settled on a 3-5-2 formation, which gets the most out of the ‘front 7,’ while accommodating a relative lack of depth at the back, due to injuries.

It is, however, an opportunity for Lennon to look to bring in a few players returning from injury, or recently signed. Whichever starting XI and bench is picked, they will have to be ready for a Clyde team looking to post a shock.

They have struggled in League One this season and their recent form shows as many peaks as troughs. A surprise result today would gee them up as they make their final push to avoid any relegation issues. I have no doubt Clyde will be well drilled and ready to run their hearts out today and some well-kent names and faces will line up, with the like of David Goodwille, John Rankin and Gregg Wylde all likely to start. Could we also see the appearance of Chris McStay, against his dad’s old club? I don’t however see a strong Celtic team, even with some changes, having issues with their opponent, as long as no complacency or concerns about the weather creep in.

Stay safe if you are travelling to and from the game.

4-0, and no injuries, to the Bhoys please.

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