Pre Game Musings of the ACSoM Team

Ahead of today’s Cup Final we’ve gathered a collection of pre-match musings from some of the regular contributors on A Celtic State of Mind:


I predict a 5-1 win for Celtic.

The rhetoric coming out of Rangers this week, coupled with their usual agents in the media doing their best to generate false hope for the Ibrox fanbase, has pretty much done Ange’s team talk for him.

The team will be fired up, but in the right way.

But of course Rangers will get the obligatory penalty.

But thats all they’ll get. The Beale bus will crash and burn at full time tomorrow.


There is only one thing better than watching Celtic destroy The Rangers and that is watching The Rangers lose to Celtic. I am sure Sunday will give us the opportunity to witness both these spectacles.

The biggest threats to Celtic retaining the League Cup are the twin dangers of Walsh and Beaton.  Overcome them and we win the game.

Match Predication Celtic 4  (OH, 2, Hatate, Abada) – The Rangers 1 (pen- Tavernier)


I predict a cagey goalless first half as that seems to be how the Ibrox / Hampden games go in recent times (Morelos errors notwithstanding). It’ll finish 2-1 in normal time with a late winner from a Celtic sub. Let’s say CCV with the first goal and Abada with the late winner.


You canny be over confident.  No matter your thoughts on the ability of them, stats (yeah, I know I know) point to them be a consistent and good side against domestic opposition.  If it was us on that run of form, we would also be bigging up our chances in a one off game.  But we are on that run of form as well and every game is a one off and the last game they played well against us doesn’t mean anything, just the same as us beating them four nil at Celtic Park doesn’t mean anything apart from LoLs.

There is a cigarette paper between the sides on paper. Paper is not the pitch but we canny predict what will happen on the pitch and we use paper to predict. We can shout that there is more than that being nine points in front but that means nothing at Hampden.

It’s two teams with the same chances of winning when the game kicks off. The universe knows whose gonna win.  It’s already been predicted (I think so anyway) and the fun is the highs and the lows and the nerves we go through in the ninety minutes.  The fear of defeat will only subside when you win and if you lose, well, it’s a diddy cup and we move on to focus on the league and Scottish Cup (the better cup).

My relationship with the league cup is complicated.  We’ve only been on good nodding terms for the last few years but I still fear if I invite it into my heart it will steal my prize china and eat my food while laughing like a hyenia on acid.

I hope it’s in my heart and safely tucked up in bed tomorrow night with green and white ribbons round it.

Hope is all we always have.


The Hoops will canter this like Lester Piggott on Valium. It’ll be a relaxing afternoon, highly reminiscent of indolent hours in an Amsterdam coffee shop.

Is what I think before I wake up with palpitations, anxiety & pumping adrenaline.

Despite the fact I believe we have a much better squad, with some of our best players in fantastic form, you have to acknowledge that the “other, other mob” have been effective at times in combatting our style. That’s where the anxiety kicks in.

That said, and although we may give up chances, we’ll also have the space to play we don’t benefit from against any other side domestically.

It’ll be anxious, exciting, trepidatious, and that’s just the wait for my first Guinness.

There might also be a few nerves before what promises to be a tight game. However, we might also just blow them away.

As Jota no doubt serenades of a balmy Glasgow evening, beneath the palm trees of Pollokshields.

You gotta have faith.

3-1 to the Glorious Glasgow Celtic.


I think this will be a close game, you can’t underestimate Rangers and the form they are on.

Celtic has the better players across all departments and if we turn up and play, we’ll win.  Winning the midfield and isolating their fullbacks is key to winning the game and I’m looking for big performances from Jota and Maeda.

So long as there are no ‘honest mistakes’ from the Ref and VAR teams, we’ll be OK.

Celtic 2 – Rangers 1


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