Kevin Graham with A Celtic State of Mind – St Mary’s Hall was where it all began…

St Mary’s Hall was where it all began.
In fading early winter sunlight, by flickering gaslight, and a crackling fire,
sheltering us from the bitter cold cobbles of the Calton.
We take the pen, scribble our signatures,
all of us round the table, sharing his vision.
That a football club will be formed
to maintain the poor children’s dinner tables,
for those who have already fled hunger once,
and should never face it again.
Brother Walfrid holds the pen,
unknowing the history that is about to be released.
An eternal firework fired into the November sky,
Exploding and colourful forevermore.    
It’s when Sligo’s Keltic becomes Glasgow’s Celtic.
Igniting dreams for millions,
delivering rituals for families,
colouring the memories of the tales being told,
always warmth in cold moments,
filling treasure chests full of gold.
Brother Walfrid holds that pen, setting the freebirds free,
as he begins to write our name.
Six letters reminding us,
that charity always begins at home,
but our home was born in charity.

Kevin Graham

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