How should Ange Postecoglou strengthen his Celtic side this summer?

The summer transfer window of 2022 could potentially become a very prosperous but also a very tricky transfer window for the big decision-makers at Celtic Football Club. Although the controversially swift appointment of Michael Nicholson as Chief Executive, thus replacing Dominic McKay, didn’t seem as much of

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Live Facebook Event with Professor Phil Scraton – Covid-19: Protecting Life, Interrogating Death, Seeking Truth

As part of the Merseyside Writing on the Wall Festival, Professor Phil Scraton is giving a talk on Protecting Life, Interrogating Death, Seeking Truth via Facebook Live on Wednesday 27 May 2020 at 6pm. Who Are Writing on the Wall? Writing on the Wall (WoW) is a

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A Celtic State of Mind’s Reviews – Daddy Long Legs’ dirty, swampy vampire blues

🎙 Daddy Long Legs 🎫 Broadcast 🗓 31 January 2020 ✍🏻 Andrew Rafferty Daddy Long Legs are a trio from New York, New York. But not just any trio. There is no bass player in this band. Instead the guitarist, Murat Akturk lays down some mindbending sounds

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The ACSOM Review: The Twang at O2 Academy, Glasgow

Who? The Twang
 Where? 02 Academy Glasgow When? 30 November 2019 Glasgow in late November can be a cold, cold place, but last night The 02 Academy in Glasgow was one of the hottest tickets in town. The evergreen ‘90s indie band Shed Seven were playing their

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Stevie Murray with A Celtic State of Mind – A lifelong Celtic love affair

The name ‘Stevie Murray’ is one that will be familiar to generations of Celtic supporters, with not one but three players of that name being on the club’s books since the 1970s. Stevie Murray mark IV, however, is not carving out a career as a classy midfielder

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Kevin Graham with A Celtic State of Mind – Poet’s Corner: The Stands

I watch on as the cameras film. I read thousands of printed press lies. I hear countless meaningless words spoken, that continue to demonize us. The ones who keep the game alive, the reason it’s all commercialised. Filming our banners, filming our celebrations, filming our smoke to

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T. O’Malley with A Celtic State of Mind – Lenny continues to pick up Rodgers’ pieces

EYE OF THE BEHOLDER by T. O’Malley Celtic supporters tend to get sentimental over players who are no longer at the club, a sort of revisionism sets in where players become better than they actually were. The tacit argument being that our best players are always the

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Scott Alcroft with A Celtic State of Mind – My Top 3 Victories Against Them

Talking Celtic with Scott Alcroft – My top three victories against them Now, before we get into this Old Firm or Glasgow Derby debate here, I’ve been asked by ACSOM to pick my top three matches against whichever form of R*ngers in my time (hence the title),

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Kevin Graham with A Celtic State of Mind: Tierney will be sold when the price is right

The summer transfer window is all click, click, click-bait with sites looking at message boards and Twitter for some rumour dinner. It’s a big obsessive business. Clubs, agents and players step into the pay zone and are asked: “Cash, chip or pin, or instalments?” or “Sorry, for

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Paul John Dykes with a Celtic State of Mind – When a former Celtic captain nearly bought Liverpool Football Club

THE BILLION DOLLAR BUYER’S CLUB An extract from Hoops, Stars & Stripes – The Andy Lynch Story. “When the piles of gold begin to grow… That’s when the trouble starts.” Howard,‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre’ (1948) Have you ever wondered what it entails to purchase an

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