Colin Watt with A Celtic State of Mind – Paddy McCourt: Celtic’s Quintessential Cult Player

Conditioned, analysed, preened, molded, academy-trained athletes with hair weaves and tattooed sleeves: The archetypal modern day footballer… It’s a sign of the times – players are corporate commodity – and this fairly recent development more than likely sounds the death knell of the alluring cult footballer. Fans

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Scott Alcroft with A Celtic State of Mind – It’s Me or Celtic…

It’s been a very strange time for us all recently and, with a lot of thinking time, what are the things at the moment that are crossing all of our minds? Our family? Our friends? Our job? Finding a job? Our current partner? Our ex-partners? Money? Our

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Tom Campbell with A Celtic State of Mind – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

It was pointed out to me recently that none of my friends are Rangers’ supporters, and I sat up all night pondering… until it dawned on me that I had had only one close friend who could be described as ‘a Hun’. All my other friends are

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Tom Campbell with A Celtic State of Mind – When Celtic won The Victory-in-Europe Cup

World War II ended in May, 1945 – at last in Europe with the unconditional surrender of Germany, and the automatic reaction in Scotland was to celebrate with ‘a special football game’. It was arranged at short notice: Rangers and Celtic were invited to participate, the prize

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Just Can’t Get Enough, Chelsea Dagger & Fiesta – Are goal celebrations niche or cliché?

One of my first memories of football always goes back to the music that accompanies the game, whether that be the fan chants, or the theme music used by the broadcasters for big tournaments. France 1998 is really one of my first football memories: Scotland’s last appearance

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Declan McConville with A Celtic State of Mind – Exclusive Willie Wallace Q&A

It was an absolute honour and pleasure to catch up with Lisbon Lion, Willie Wallace. During his time at the club, Willie scored a fantastic 135 goals in 234 appearances at Celtic and won 5 League Championships, 3 Scottish Cups, 2 League Cups and the European Cup.

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Kevin McCluskie – Top-flight Hungarian football to resume by the end of this month

Hungarian Football: Coronavirus Update While the debate rages on in Scotland and elsewhere over the continuation, end, or voiding of the current football season, the MLSZ (Hungarian Football Federation) has announced plans to resume top-flight football by the end of this month. Following a previous Government announcement,

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The ACSOM Video Club – Exclusive Andy Payton Q&A

Tim Burgess’ Twitter Listening Parties have been one of the most creative concepts since lockdown robbed us of live entertainment or even small gatherings with friends. The parties are a simple enough idea, but they have been so well received that Twitter have even produced their own

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Tom Campbell with A Celtic State of Mind – Those legends I have met: Jimmy Quinn, Willie Fernie, Bobby Evans, Billy McNeill…

RAINCOATS, JACKETS, SHIRT-SLEEVES AND NUDITY I have written several books about Celtic, and I always opted to have the illustrations in them show Celtic men in action (and wearing the hoops, of course). In my opinion, I rarely think of our heroes in street clothes, no matter

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Tom Campbell with A Celtic State of Mind – A life punctuated by Celtic

PUNCTUATION In a conversation some years ago with David Potter I suggested that the pair of us had probably ‘punctuated our lives with Celtic games’. What I meant was that we both could remember important dates in our lives and remember how Celtic got on that day;

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